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Author/blogger Tiffany Mayer makes Eating in Niagara easy with her beautiful and informative blog.  

Eating Niagara  not only has wonderful recipes but shares her fun adventures in things like foraging and making seed bombs. She is author of Niagara Food which is a tribute to the founders of Niagara's culinary scene. 

 The Niagara Local's blog just gets better and better.  I love the visuals with each blog.  Each photo makes me wish I was there, eating and enjoying that time and place.  Here you will find a list of Niagara markets, great places to eat, farms and Niagara food culture.  

One of our favourite CSAs is from social worker turned farmer, Linda.  Tree and Twig specializes in heirloom vegetables and her blog talks about the joy and the challenges of farming in Niagara.  

 Toronto girl who has become Niagarafied, Jo blogs about food, wine and culture.  She shares her discoveries and entertains us with stories of what is has been like to live a slower paced life in the heart of Niagara wine country.

           Fresh cut tomatoes

Where to buy local

Commissos, Thorold Stone Road, Niagara Falls

Local farmer's markets 

Harvest Barn, St Catharines and Niagara on the Lake

Kurtz Orchards, Niagara Parkway, Niagara on the Lake

Roadside farmers stands throughout Niagara. These stands are easy to find if you take a detour off the beaten path just a little.  Generally they are cash only and often on the honor system where they leave produce out and a jar to put your money in. 

Tractor in Vineyard